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About our Park

Within a couple of years of owning Timber Vale, we realised that we did not want commercial letting of the caravans. Since then all caravans sold, have been on the strict understanding the caravan is there for the use by the owner and their friends and family.

We can proudly boast that we are on first names terms with the vast majority of owners, and a significant number of visitors to the caravan park.

From selling you a morning newspaper to cutting the grass, from odd jobs to selling & siting caravans, we as a family do all the work on the park. Pardon the pun, but if we cannot tackle a job, we usually know someone who can !

We hope that owning a caravan Timber Vale is as stress free as we can make it. As an owner there is no need to cut the grass around your caravan, for we both strim the grass around the bases (all the caravans are concrete bases) and on a regular basis cut all the grass on the park.

If you ever have a problem with your caravan, be it a dripping or a stiff tap, a query with a gas appliance (we are gas safe registered) or anything else, there is always someone available to help.